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And just like that week 11 is upon us. It seems like just the other day I was giving you my best pickups for week 2. Now here we are, you already know what your playoff situation is. You're either already in, fighting to get in or its completely over for you. There are a few instances where you might need to win these next 3 weeks with a bit of help in between there. Whatever the case may be, I'm here to help like most weeks. Whether you're making a waiver add to improve your team or to block your rival from improving their team, I plan on giving you adds this week that should be immediate help to your roster. No time to stash or hope, time to play, time to battle. After all, you are a waiver wire warrior, aren't you?


Mark Sanchez 
If the definition for "fantasy zombie" were in the dictionary, Sanchez would have his picture next to it. Once he left the Jets everyone thought his career was over, everyone except for Chip Kelly. He proved he was more than capable of running this complex Philadelphia Eagles offense last season and he will be asked to do so in place of an injured Sam Bradford on Sunday. With so many quarterbacks either being on a bye, injured or benched this week, Sanchez is certainly the number one among backups this week. He might even sneak his was into a top ten finish against a shaky Tampa Bay Buccaneers pass defense.


Bilal Powell 
With Zac Stacey fracturing his ankle, he will be done for the season. Now it looks as if there will be only two backs coming out of the Jets backfield. Chris Ivory of course but Powell is finally healthy again and when he is, he is one of the better pass catching backs of the league. In a very balanced offense the third down and passing play running back is proving to be a productive spot. With no one else standing in Powell's way to dominate this role in this offense, expect five grabs and 50 yards a game from here on out, minimum. Might even sniff the end zone on 3rd and goals.


Josh Huff
I never do this with rookies and back up quarterbacks, but I think Huff is going to go off on Sunday. This is literally just a gut feeling. I have no stats or tendencies to back this one up, other than Huff's athleticism. Sanchez has always liked throwing the ball over the middle to his slot receiver and Huff is going to make an NFL career over the middle. I feel this will be his breakout game. Again, just a gut feeling but last time I felt this way it was Ruben Randle's best game of the season. My gut is usually good.


Richard Rodgers 
Ten catches and three touchdowns in the last two games. Yupp, believe it or not Aaron Rodgers is starting to throw the ball to his tight end again. Those three touchdowns in two games are the first time a Packers tight end has had a streak like that since Jermichael Finley. With Barnidge on a bye Rodgers could make for a wonderful plug and play. Will not be unlikely for him to find the end zone against a Minnesota Vikings team that is vulnerable to tight ends in the red zone.



Kansas City Chiefs
If you are still streaming a defense, stop. Go get the Kansas City Chiefs D. Reason being, somehow, someway, every season Andy Reid gets his team into the postseason. With the inability of his team to find the end zone consistently he will have to do it with defense. Hop on the bandwagon. I just traded the Jets D for Starks knowing I was going to roll with the Chiefs D from here on out.


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