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By now you're aware whether you're making the playoffs or not, so these next few waiver wire ads could make a break your season. It doesn't pay to get nervous, only to be smart, and since you are at you're definitely smart. With more injuries occurring every Sunday in the NFL availability is still always the best ability. Keep that in mind as you scour the waiver wire looking for your warrior for week 10.

I'll help but don't always expect me to be around.


Pretty simple if Big Ben Rothelisberger doesn't defy all odds and suit up on Sunday, Landry Jones will be making his second career start in the NFL. He is already 1-0 as a starter and led a fourth quarter comeback in the game he came in for relief of Michael Vick. I'm not saying he is Tom Brady off the bench but he is certainly better than Vick. More importantly he has a fantastic matchup this week against one of the bottom three teams in the league against the pass, Cleveland. Their divisional rival has been less than impressive defending the deep ball this season and to make things worst for the dog pound, Landry's favorite target, Antonio Brown, is coming off of a 17 catch 284 yards game. Seconds, anyone?


This one will be different than normal. After you pick this guy up I want you to trade him because he is worthless to anyone unless you're an Eddie Lacey owner but people are going nuts over him. James Starks is a hot commodity right now and shows no sign of his popularity dying down. Only problem for me is he was the premiere back in this offense for 3 plus years and never did anything special in that time. His recent success is the reason for his unwarranted need but he, just like most backups named starters, will come back down to earth with a couple games of tape for defenses to study. I am normally telling you who to pick up but in this case I would advise you to avoid or trade ASAP. You'll thank me. You're welcome.


The same guy was in this spot due to injury last week and he's here again. With Keenan Allen going down due to a lacerated kidney Stevie Johnson and Malcom Floyd saw a severe upswing and targets. With this week's news of Malcom Floyd now being out for the season my number one receiver add from last week will remain the same. Dontrell Inman is one of the only receivers left on the San Diego Chargers that Philip Rivers has any confidence in. But the biggest reason remains the same. If Rivers wants to chuck the ball 52 times a game, I want one of those receivers he's chucking it too. Inman wins by default!


In each of the last 3 weeks Jameis Winston has improved as an NFL quarterback. In doing so he has spread the ball more and more each week. Every week another name you've never heard of find their way to the end zone. So let's be apart of those no names finding their way to the scoring land. Although this player is more known than some of the other players on the roster, Austin Sefarian-Jenkins was injured for a while and now seems to be on track to start this Sunday. Expect at least 10 targets half of those coming in the red zone and the other half probably on deep balls. If you can't get Jenkins well you're probably going to have a long week at the position, because there's no one left. Unless you want to take a chance with William Tye of the Giants.


I'm sure there's not much good defenses to choose from this week. But if you got the Falcons and you have no choice but to pick a defense up on your waiver wire I guess the Packers would be the safest choice. After all, they are playing the Detroit Lions. I think I could sack Matt Stafford.


Good luck!



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