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Usually, I'm writing about who you should be picking up on your waiver wire every week. While I won't stop that article altogether, I couldn't help but notice a change this week. Myself and fellow Hack Hype analyst Ken Wilson are normally answering roster help questions or waiver wire woes. This week we have been asked a ton of trade questions. Of course every situation is different for any given team or league but a few names have popped up more than others and some names haven't come up that should be. So for this week I'll give you two names for each position. One player you should be targeting and one player you should be looking to move.

Your welcome.


If you're undefeated or 4-1, move on, unless your daring like myself.


QB To Target
Russell Wilson 
Yupp. You can get him. Wilson owners aren't outwardly panicked yet, they are just hiding it within themselves. There are clearly offensive line issues for the 'Hawks that need to be addressed. With current management's track record in Seattle there is no reason to believe it won't be. Also this should be the week Marshawn Lynch finally returns, healthy. If that is the case and he is the "Beastmode" of last year even, expect big things out of that offense again. Don't you want to be a part of that? Wilson will finish the season as a top seven fantasy quarterback.


QB To Move
Peyton Manning

He has yet to show us that he has retained his arm strength from the beginning of last season. He also is a high injury risk every time he takes the field or a hit, it could be his last. With a big game against the Browns this Sunday there is a good chance he tosses a few touchdowns but after that game his teams schedule is tough. So after this week his value may never be higher. If your an owner maybe look at the roster of the guy who has... oh I dunno... Russell Wilson?  See where he needs help and bundle a high RB2 with Manning for Wilson. You'll thank me when your in the finals.


RB To Target
Demarco Murray

With no name even a close second, Murray has been the most frequently asked about player this week. With good reason due to his slow start but that is all about to come to an end. I implore you to go trade for Murray in your league or keep him if you have him. His owner is unquestionably down on him and now is a better time than ever. Even with a solid week last week against the Saints owners are still weary. Go take advantage of that weariness.

In the game against the Saints, the Eagles ran the least amount of plays from shotgun since Chip Kelly has been the head coach. What does that mean? That means Murray got 27 carries and looked like Dallas's version of Demarco. Chip Kelly is a smart coach and will always put the ball in the hands of the best player on his offense. He just needed five games to realize it was his newly acquired running back.


RB To Move
Danny Woodhead

The San Diego Chargers desperately want rookie running back Melvin Gordon to become their every down back. Unfortunately for Gordon, Danny Woodhead has no intentions of going anywhere. Maintaining his status as passing down back, as well as playing his way into to the goal line back as well. As big of a surprise as that was to people, that's the way it has been since the begining of the season.

In each of the last three games Gordon has finished with 5 or more touches than Woodhead. That trend will progress in the same direction so long as Gordon improves his pass-blocking ability and becomes more accustomed to the pro game. As this happens Woodhead will slowly drift his way onto the sidelines for most plays except third and longs. While Woodhead is a perfect back for that role, it is exactly the opposite for fantasy owners. Avoid this catastrophe while wee Danny Woodhead still has value.


WR To Target
T.Y. Hilton

Yes, there is actually a Indianapolis Colts player on this list. As hard as that may be to believe, it's true. Hilton is still on pace for a huge year and that's even with Matt Hassleback quarterbacking for two games. Here's a stat: Since 2013 (Hilton's rookie year) the Colts are 15-0 against their division. In all if those games Hilton has at least 5 catches and 60 yards. They still have four games remaining against their division. They will turn their troubles around once Luck is healthy. Which could be as early as this week. I promise you, Hilton owners won't take much persuasion.


WR To Move 
Mike Evans

Time to call it folks. It's over for Evans. Winston has trouble finding him even when he is the only receiver on the field. Nevermind with Doug Martin looking like the "muscle hamster" of old and Winston's favorite target - tight end Austin Sefarian-Jenkins returning from injury. He had a big game against Houston with 7 grabs for 101 yards, but who doesn't have big games against Houston? Since that game he hasn't eclipsed three catches in any game. Even in the win against New Orleans, he didn't record a catch. If your not catching a ball in a game where your team is blowing a divisional opponent out of the water, your QB isn't looking for you. Many fantasy fanatics over-value Evans, to your advantage of course.


TE To Target 
Jimmy Graham

For all the same reasons as Russell Wilson, you should try and trade for Graham. The offensive line will be fixed. Marshawn Lynch is returning at full health. Oh, and it's Jimmy freakin' Graham! Russell Wilson is famous for getting loose in the pocket while his pass catchers get lost in the coverage. Well Jimmy is hard to miss standing at 6'8" out there with 5'10" corner backs. Russell will start to find him and it will lead to alot of touchdowns. I mean we all know that Seattle like to throw the ball in the red zone, right?
Haha go Pats!


TE To Move 
Rob Gronkowski

Nope. I have no statistical information that proves he is about to go on a decline. In fact, just the opposite. I feel like three quiet games (for Gronk) means he is about to go off this week against the Colts. So why should you move him? He is one player and he is severely overrated in fantasy. For example in a 12 - team keeper league I am a part of that is in it's 8th season, I traded Gronk. I got Adrian Peterson and Greg Olsen. Is there a need for me to even explain any further? I hope not. Go see what you can get for him, might change your mind. Or your season.


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