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I literally had one of my teams this week have all seven bench players on a bye. I know I'm not the only one out there suffering. Yes, last week began the byes but it was only two teams. This week? Jets, Dolphins (much needed), Panthers and Vikings. Not only a mouthful of teams but team fulls of bye's. Of course you'd rather it now than during your playoff push but with the way this season has been going so far, the playoff push in your league might be starting this week.

Scary but true. Fortunately for you, week after week, you come here to for the best advice online about the best waiver wire pickups of the week. That's what makes fantasy geniuses like you and I:



Tyrod Taylor 
Yupp, here he is again. Two weeks in a row I put him here. I'm willing to bet that after the performance he turned out last week, against the Giants, someone in your league dropped him. Go check, I'll wait right here for you.

See I told you, now you have him. Wait, you didn't pick him up? Go get him, what is wrong with you?! I'll wait again...

Ok, now that we have taken care of that here's why you should either go claim him or not give up on him yet or even buy low on a trade for him.

Everything I listed about him last week is true. He is an accurate passer, can extend the play in the pocket and like him or not is statically a top ten quarterback right now. So if you tie in all those reasons with the fact that he is going up against a horrible defense in the Tennessee Titans, he's a no brainer.


Duke Johnson Jr.
Yes, without any doubt Issiah Crowell is the starting running back in Cleveland. He is also the short yardage and goal line back for his team too. So why on earth would I be telling you to pick up the other back on their roster? Simple, he has become the "Danny Woodhead" of the Browns. Johnson ends up ruling the backfield each week, just as Woodhead consistently gets the ball more every game than Melvin Gordon, whether by sir or by land. No doubt Crowell is the better running back but Johnson is more gifted in space and has fantastic hands. He will be a PPR monster from this point on and should be owned in all formats for his big play capability every time he touches the rock.


Deeper league RB 
Theo Riddick
It is no mystery that the Detroit Lions are a mess right now. 0-4 to start the year and one game ended on a controversial call. For fantasy purposes though, Detroit is a deep mixed bag of gold. Their defense is unable to stop the other teams from scoring, so they will constantly be playing in come-from-behind games. That means a lot of Stafford chucking the ball to two people; Calvin Johnson and whichever running back is on the field. Joquie Bell has played his way just about out of the rotation and rookie Amer Abdullah has yet to be consistent. That leaves pass catching third-stringer back Theo Riddick with plenty of targets to come his way. He has been targeted more times in each of his least three games and certainly has the talent to score points on those targets.


Kamar Aiken
With the chance of Baltimore Ravens wideout Steve Smith missing a game due to back trouble, Kamar Aiken is in line for a big day. The Ravens will be taking on rival Cleveland Browns who are ranked 22nd against the pass, seemingly a favorable matchup for Aiken. After Smith left last week's game against the Steelers Aiken led the offense in targets, receptions and yards. If Joe Hayden is scaring you away, don't let him! Hayden isn't 100 percent healthy and Aiken has wheels.


Deeper league WR 
Willie Snead
If there were any questions remaining regarding the health of Drew Brees's throwing arm, they were all answered watching him make all the big throws Sunday night against Dallas. Now that Brees's health is taken care of we can start looking at which weapons he uses the most. Like, which Saints wideout has led the team in receptions the last three weeks? Or which Saints wideout is out snapping even Brandon Cooks at this point? The answer to both of those questions are the same guy: Willie Snead.

With Cooks having a stale second year, Marques Colston being on the wrong side of 30, no Jimmy Graham and rookie Brandon Coleman being so inconsistent, Snead has grabbed the attention and targets of his hall of fame quarterback. This week facing a team in the Philadelphia Eagles that allows 200 yards or more a game to opposing wide receivers, makes for an intriguing matchup.



Antonio Gates
Last week no Gronk, this week no Greg Olsen. Tough two weeks for tight ends, so at this point if you don't have big guy, you're really just throwing a dart at tight ends. With so many people being scared of Antonio Gates when drafts happened weeks ago, he should be readily available in just about all leagues. And boy oh boy has Rivers missed his favorite target. If he isn't available a guy such as Jared Cook might be and he is quietly having a solid year so far.


New York Giants
If you have the Jets or Panthers defense, your about to lose the team D you've used for the first 4 games. Now it's time to work the matchup. This week we have a garbage offense of the 49ers taking on the above average secondary of the New York Giants. Colin Kaepernick loves to throw the ball to the other team so look for a few if those this week. Actually just cross your fingers!


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